Saturday, 17 December 2016

Victory 2016 Update

Here is a look at my 2016 as a clutched tight to the Victory

// I did the voice over for a television commercial in January

// I finished obtaining my degree at university.

// I travelled interstate within the United States on my own via plane in July

// I went to the NOAH CONFERENCE!!! - July

// I did some solo travel using the New York bus system in July

// I co produced a show that taught artists that they deserve to have their greatness recognised, even by themselves in June

// I performed spoken word at the NYC poetry festival on Governors island in July

// I saw live poetry at the famous Newyorican cafe in July

// I was the muse to the painting portion of a two artist exhibition in November

// I read so many many books all year.

// I wrote and performed as a part of a job at a Gala

// Registered my business in November!!

// I was incredibly brave.

// I did not give up

I'm sure there is so much I am forgetting but oh well, 2016 thanks for being so good to me.

Peace. Love. Good Years

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