Monday, 2 January 2017

My New 2017 Planner

I've had a ABM Planner for two years and I have loved it. The size is perfect for fitting in every bag I grab and run out the door with and I loved their sticker sheet and fun illustrations and quotes.

This year I decided to try a medium sized planner because ABM is not making their planner this year and planners have been a wonderful way for me to hold myself accountable to my own productivity.

  • The hard sturdy cover.
  • The laminated tabs.
  • The size is perfect in medium! 
  • Bright colours!
  • The fact that the pages don't bleed my marker.
  • It's so sturdy it can fold completely with ease with it's ring binding

  • How thin the pages are, I feel like I'll rip them by mistake any time I try to turn a page.
  • The calender view is too tiny and cramped
  • Lack of more Christmasy page 
  • HATE those colour blocked out dates on my calendar. I'm not even in the states you see thanks!

Now for a love hate, it's a 17 month planner which I didn't want because I like completely leaving the baggage of a year behind when I move into a new one, I do this ceremoniously through my planners. My planner though a 17 isn't super bulky  and since my planner from ABM seriously died on me around September or October. I did need something to handle November and December meetings.

All in all, it certainly will be a new adventure, with new graphics, not as minimalist as I'm used to but hopefully, the super bright colours and business will help push me into a different time in my life.

To the busy, to the bold, onward to victory!

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