Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Is LOVE worth it?

So Valentines Day is here and something that was brought to my attention was the lingering question by people from multiple and different walks  of life, all asking  so what's all the fuss about anyway?
One of my favourite lingerie brands shared a very interesting infographic with me that showcased some research they did into the matter. This is something I don't talk about but guys i confess, some women like shoes, my guilty pleasure is some dandy delicates ;) I haven't had the opportunity to personally try their product yet but I look forward to it greatly. The objective of this research they conducted was to evaluate the thoughts of men verses woman on the matter of valentines day. Now I must say I found this very interesting. I always find it a fascinating task looking into how men and when view things differently, it can teach us so much about humanity and getting along.

These are the points that stuck out most to me:
  • A staggering amount of men would rather netflix and chill than make fancy plans.  
  • Most men expect to have to plan the event. 
  • Most men intend to buy flowers while 
  • Women intend to get something 'memorable' for their significant other.
  • Most people don't intend to spend more than 25 dollars on Vday and that's coming from both sexes.
  • Eveyone expects to 'get lucky' that day (i giggled because I'm an adult.)

I realise my expectations and plans for valentines day continue to grow and change as I do every year. In earlier years I simply longed for something, then I did the things; I had the nights of flowers and chilling and I had the nights of a fancy dinner. Every time it comes around I realise that I want something different, sometimes I want a casual experience, sometimes I want a fancy one.

In my socio linguistics class we're talking about effective communication and the entire concept is changing my life let me tell you. These points above I highlighted because they are the ones that are most glaring to me,

For instance, I am a woman who would also rather chill inside with a nice meal most times. I don't like getting flowers unless they are artificial, in the form of a potted plant or are some quirky spin on the event like a giant paper flower or a rose broach or necklace. I admit it, I take gift giving very seriously, I've never given a 'lazy' gift in my life. I put immense thought into gift giving and I don't and vehemently dispose doing things because everyone else is doing it.

Naturally, I felt compelled to test these results and had to conduct some research of my own. Turns out everything is pretty true to form. Most of the men I spoke to couldn't care less about the event and resigned them self to making some kind of effort only if their spouse wanted them to so do.

Many of the women likewise did not care much and with the recent popularity of the #galentinesday movement they don't much have to now do they?

I've learned my personality just doesn't want to be bored with the stereo typical but that what is stereo typed will never stop me from doing and loving the things that I love.

The perfect valentines day for me is doing something simple while well dressed that makes me happy. Something only slightly different from the norm but with some one I treasure having in my life.  I'm so easily pleased I think pizza, wine and the ocean would make me quite happy.

Also, since I love love love daisies (my favourite) ferrero rouche (one of my favourites) and heart shaped jewellery, (especially the minimalist kind) it's very simple for me to be a content happy gal.

You see the way I see it, love is worth it, the effort. I'm so glad that we were gifted the ability to love each other in this world. I'm so glad that love is so much more than roses and fancy restaurant dinners, that it is laughter and motivation and believing and aspiring to greatness that celebrating on valentines day, whether with a spouse or just the people in your life that you do love, its worth it.

Now I don't mean forcing the hand of either party to foot a bill more expensive because it comes on red scented paper, no. It's worth a little fuss, it's worth thinking fondly on a remixed outfit or even a new one if it's within your means. Its worth smiling at the red colour and the hearts. Its worth it because happiness is free.

The world has an overflow of everything else, far be it for me to be the one to decide it should have less love because past pain makes me squeamish. I wont do it. I will scream the importance of love to the roof tops always because it is more than kisses. It is safety, truth and sacrifice and it is worth it.

Happy day to all who have a heart capable of loving and and receiving love.

Peace. Love. Worthwhile Relationships

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