Wednesday, 4 November 2015

3 Ways to Piss Off a Blogger | My Terms of Service.

Don't forget to give credit for our hard work

Let me clear things up if there is any confusion now, I am a writer.  I am a writer who engages in the form of writing known as blogging. For a blogger, work is different. Creating content, conceptualising a photo before you take it, choosing good lighting and then if you're a blogger who watermarks, taking the time to do so. Lets not forget editing and putting all of these parts together. This takes time, effort and passion. It doesn't matter how small the following or how big the reach. We take pride in what we do just like anyone would. Respect that by crediting our work always.

Do not assume we will work for free.

I use the word free loosely, anyone in any equation they enter deserves to be compensated whether that be monetarily or through credit or mention. If you are a sponsor, an affiliate or someone who stands to gain from working with me, do not expect me to give of myself whole heartedly with nothing to gain from it. Whether that is a mention, a credit or monitory payment for my time effort and hard work. Consider the accumulative value of what you are asking and then treat me, the writer, with the respect I deserve. Treat me as someone willing to work with you to make your dream happen as part of my own dream.

Don't ask or expect us to not be honest.

Anyone who takes us seriously, also known as the people you are trying to reach from working with us, trusts us for our honesty and accountability. I for one will never promote a product or service I do not believe in. Therefore, do not approach me asking that I review a product or service you do not allow me to try for myself. I will not write about something as if I have experienced it when I have not That is to say that I will a lie or, more accurately, I will not great for you a work of fiction without saying that it is. As writer I make a pronounced habit of stating the difference between the two when I engage in either. Expect that I will continue to do so. Honesty between my audience and I is priceless and worth protecting.

That said I would LOVE to work with you as it has to do with  writing reviews and trying samples as long as you are okay with acknowledging my work and my claim to honesty. You can find an example of advertorial work I have done in the past here.

What do you do when others taking your work as nothing but play?

Peace. Love. Transparency.

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