Monday, 2 July 2018

Tough Cookie

This one time I lost myself. I couldn't remember who I was or what makes me tick. Everything was a swamp. My brain, my heart my soul even my intentions, all murky.

So I searched for myself in the places I remembered I used to frequent. I traced my steps backwards and let them lead me to art galleries and solo dance parties and a weird wardrobe people question but that makes me comfortable.

I don't think finding yourself is hard if you are a good listener. I think rediscovering yourself is hard when the voice you're supposed to be listening to gets so fed up it goes quiet...

I missed me so badly then it hurt. The kind of pain you cannot shake because it hurts from the inside. I remember thinking, are you serious i can't even be with myself any more? Hey, lets face it, I'm pretty great. I totally dig me!

It was crazy but in those walks to familiar places, through art galleries, literature's beauty, heated, passionate discussion....I found her again.

That girl me just walked up and joined the conversation and I remember thinking, after i got over the awe and beauty of her, I though ah....there you are my friend. Let's never loose sight of each other again yeah? Sometimes...her hand still slips from mine...sending my heart into a panic...begging me to remember remember remember...where I find myself joyous.

It is no easy thing. I am no easy mystery.

Peace. Love. Tight Grip.

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