Thursday, 12 July 2018

Journey to NOAH CON 2016 Recap Directory

Would you believe me if I told you we are already at NOAHCon Time again?! The Noah Conference 2018 is happening this year in Kansas City and I won't be going due to lack of funding. Still I am so grateful that I had the opportunity at all to go in 2016! I could not have made it there without the sponsorship of the follow organisations.

  1. Journey to NOAH CON 2016 : Country Mouse and the Steel City
  2. Journey to NOAHCON 2016 :: Country Mouse & The Keycard
  3. Journey to NOAHCON 2016 :: With Hands Just Like Mine
  4. Journey to NOAHCON 2016:: Meeting the Founder
  5. Journey to NOAH Con 2016 :: Meeting Parents of children with Albinism
  6. Journey to NOAH CON 2016 : Meeting Tweens with albinism
  7. Journey to NOAH CON 2016 : Taking a self defense class with albinism. 

My trip to the NOAH Conference 2016 was made possible by sponsorship from: The Writers Association of Grenada, Kallalou Designs, Petite Anse Hotel, The Office of the Prime Minister and various good Samaritans who insist upon not being named due to kindness that continues to overflow.


Also this directory will be updated as I am in no way done writing about this topic!

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