Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Birthday Recap 2016

Do forgive the typo on the photo, it's meant to say sulphur spring.
My birthday was fantastic. I actually celebrated it all weekend this year. At the park with friends who  MADE ME TWO CAKES. Home made zest-y cheese cake and double chocolate mocha with a white chocolate dusting at the top.

We sat at the park after I stopped by the book store to greet some old friends (yes I mean books) The sunset was beautiful that day. Afterwards we got a chance to use a large bottle of water and a flash light (via phone) to make a light that illuminated our whole table. I thought that was pretty cool. We also had some German wine that day which, if I'm honest totally won me over because of its amazing blue colour.

The next day we went to try a zip line in the north east of the island, then to the sulphur springs. We also had the amazing experience of riding horses up to the local facility where they bottle spring water. It was a great time. I should have probably documented it sooner because I went straight into finals then brain mush.

All I can remember now is that it was a fantastic time spent with good intelligent people. I was grateful for their time.

Peace. Love. Celebrate.

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  1. Happy Birthday! How nice of you to have a wonderful day celebrating with friends <3

    I just had a b-day too (May 30)



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