Saturday, 14 May 2016

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Dress:: Gifted Watch: Thrifted Knotted Necklace: Mother acquired. Lipstick: Mac Cyber and Mac Ruby Woo

 My fun little mod outfit was warn on mothers day. This year my mother decided she wanted to go to a concert. Granted I was very tired from having completed so much school work the past day and honestly I just wanted to sleep for days. The stress alone had been exhausting.

These mothers day outings have become very special to me. They began as just me trying to fit into being a new adult, wanting to take my mother out with the money I had worked for, to celebrate the work she had done all through out my life to get me safely to the other side of education; the work force.

Now I am an adult though, now we do it because it's simply this fun thing that we do. We go out and we laugh and we live and remember that we have done so together. I love affording my mother an opportunity she can show off with if she s chooses because she deserves it.

I have been uniquely aware lately of how life is changing in irreparable not long from now all that we will remember is a memory of a memory as we proceed to get older and older...

I keep seeing so many things surfing around the internet about how this is a sad day for so many people and I feel that makes me very sad. It also makes me very appreciative that I don't have to feel that sadness today...not yet. Maybe that sounds a bit morbid but I want to laugh as much as I can with her before I cant any more...

I wore this dress, a birthday gift with boots. I always forget that I don't like short things. I've no desire to be in the public eye in a sexual way but I do like being comfortable and this was a very comfortable dress. Aside from the length. It's got a lining and long sleeves which kept me warm. I soon squared away the length problem with my jacket haha. Definitely a ware with leggings situation next time!

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  1. Aww I like this outfit. I think the lippy is too dark for me but the outfit on a whole is lovely.


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