Friday, 5 June 2015

World Environmental Awareness Day :: The Climate is Changing...are You?

 I had another opportunity to indulge my hippie ways. My friend Eli, who now works as a UN rep in the area of environmental awareness, is part of the team that organized an awareness walk just recently.

I was pleased to be a volunteer in this endeavour  as it has to do with a topic I'm very passionate about; this earth we live on, that continues to sustain us despite abuse.

The lion fish, which contains a venom that could be poisonous if not cooked particularly HANDLED INCORRECTLY (more research done so I wanted to correct that statement) is apparently not being eaten by the masses for many reasons. One of which, so I have been told by members of the public, is because the thing is frankly speaking, considered ugly. Personally, ugliness never seemed reason enough to me to not eat it but ok, I'm ready to help change that mindset if it means environmental aid.

You may recall my short ramble about the lion fish in this post and how I view eating it as doing my part to save our ocean and coral reefs. At this event, walkers were rewarded with Lion fish sampling of all sorts of cooking style, baked and fried as shown above as well as curried and stewed as no shown, when they reached the end. This was done in order to urge them to warm up to the idea of doing their part one stomach at a time to save our ocean life.

The fact of the matter is the earth I am privy to is not the one my mother or grandmother had at my age and it is not the one my children or grand children will have either. It is ageing, it is changing, all the things that ran smoothly like consistent rains and the availability of clean drinkable water are no longer as prevalent.

Today I urge you to consider what you are doing to give the future generations a chance at seeing the beauty we did or at the very least, what you are doing differently to keep it around because lets face it, at the rate our resources are depleting and the reckless abandon with which we are ignoring it we may all share that same future of famine, draught and air that hurts to breathe.

The planet is changing...are you?

Peace. Love. Awareness.
Photos by Eli, her co-worker and I

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  1. Brilliant post! Love the idea of educating people as to how they can cook/eat the pesky things! Loved your last paragraph: definitely food for thought.....


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