Sunday, 9 March 2014

Musing Mind :: Chasing Creativity

Its hard having a creative soul. To constantly chase inspiration down the corridors of your life, grabbing it by the shirt tail morning after morning and carrying it back with you to the table. Inspiration can be like a toddler; easily distracted by the simplest things, a shiny object, the way the light seeps through the window. Here we are though, creative souls made of inspired energy, trapped in the skin of adulthood and responsibility. Trying to make it work. Sitting with inspiration at every chance and wishing that everyday could be like this...

Forgive me, something strange has happened with some of my previous pictures and not exactly having computer at the moment i am not able to fix it as I'd like. That should change by the end of the week though.


Peace. Love. The light of Inspiration.

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  1. That is a beautiful quote from Poe. I definitely think it's hard to balance time for creativity, adult responsibilities, and everything else. But I think that it's certainly part of the challenges in life in general that makes us grow and inspires our creativity. -Jess L


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