Tuesday, 1 November 2011

NaNoWriMo! - National Novel Writing Month 2011

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It National Novel Writing Month!
That picture up top is my favorite nanowrimo poster, would have bought it too if I wasn't broke when they were selling them...anyway!

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NaNoWriMo refers to a month of literary abandon as the site put it. During November 1st through 30th writers and wanna be writers come together at www.nanowrimo.org and support each other as they endeavour to write a 50, 000 word novel (the typical size of a short novel)

At this time writers are encouraged to 'just write' don't worry about spelling or planning, no plot? not problem! JUST write and do what my favourite nanowrimo poster says; let your imagination rain!

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I've done this about four times in the past with four wins. This is my fifth attempt, one I'm not so confident about due to school....Regardless, being a nanowrimo participant is a brilliant and wonderful support, do you know what level of awesome gets unleashed when tons and TONS of writers squeeze themselves into a tiny bit of internet space?! ANY question about noveling or writing as it has to do with ANY genre for almost ANYWHERE in the world can be answered!

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I love NaNoWriMo, I've produced one of my best novels while doing it and have supported this wonderful non profit in many ways, with the purchase of my winning Thermos! :D

So, what am i writing this year? Well, to be honest I'm still working on finishing the book I started two nanos ago, it's proving to be MUCH longer than i anticipated but I'm hoping it to be a thriller slash romance. It was my intention to make it just a romance novel as I have not dabbled in that genre for YEARS and I wanted to do something 'fun' and 'easy'

Well, my muse had OTHER plans for me and my silly idea of ease. All in all i do really enjoy the book and it's characters and as a writer that's a wonderful feeling, they are immensely entertaining my four (they started as twp but the plat bunnies multiplied!)

Usually, to kind of build the anticipation for nanowrimo i dabble a little in visual ideas for my story. Here, enjoy some fun little basic couple personality layout thingies i'd come up with for this novel in particular:


Keeping the title under wraps for now ;)
My region is: Elsewhere::Caribbean
Stop by,
join in!
This fall...let your imagination rain.
Check out their awesome explanation video on their youtube channel

All photos except for the one I took and made came from nanowrimo.org

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