Saturday, 26 March 2011

Earth Hour 2011 : It's Personal

Here's a fun fact: "We live in a global community. Never mind the moral implications — when an environmental catastrophe creates millions of refugees half-way around the world,..." You're going to FEEL it from your comfy sofa honey.

"When earth gives up there will be no bail outs"

I was talking to someone today when i suddenly remembered what i thought to be an extremely fun fact. So, i proceeded to share. I gasped "Today is Earth Hour Day!" i exclaimed and my friend looked at me and shrugged "So" she replied "It's not like it make's a difference, less people using means more for me"

Now my friend was probably just poking fun at my excitement but that statement really made me reflect. As i sat there i thought to myself "Oh my gosh...people actually believe that....!" You know? Much like the saying "It's Happy Hour/five o'clock SOMEWHERE" as a reason to have an conduct a frowned upon action; in the case of the happy hour an incredibly early drink, in the case of my friend people's quickness to believe that their small contribution to reducing climate change is fruitless

Have we considered carefully the dangers of climate change?  Has it sunk in that this means more rapidly spread disease for us to face at our children's' bedsides? That it means more flooding? That it means more drought? That it means more hurricanes?!

Do those things matter to you?

The argument may be but is it enough? my one solitary action? it is not enough my one solitary action....My answer is this: Alone we will not make a difference. Together? We will DEFINITELY make a statement.

This earth has provided me shelter, food, entertainment, comfort and all the essentials PLUS extra! Earth. Is. Worth. It.

I want to be a part of that shared voice!


Sources and good reading:

So climate change...interested in what are the dangers?

What IS Earth Hour?

"The technologies that will help us decarbonize energy are developing, but they need a push — and that will only happen if we keep climate change near the top of our political agenda. Earth Hour, Earth Day, Earth Year — we'll need it all." ~Time: Read more

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