Saturday, 8 April 2017

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Blogger confession; I've been so jealous watching the rest of the blogging world get to go to blogger meet ups. I had given up on the idea a long time ago. Living on a small Caribbean island I had conceded that it wasn't going to happen for me because there just were not that many bloggers that I knew of on island and when you put that with my awkward shyness I figured...thems the breaks.

Flash forward about seven years and blogging has become more popular, stretching it's arms far enough to reach the coast of even my little island. I had met a few blog buddies along my journey I'm sure you know, I've featured my friend Shell, I've loved talking blogger shop with both Islepreneur and Grenada Soul Adventure for a few years. I never would have thought though that I'd find myself at a local restaurant talking shop with a whole group of beautiful LOCAL blogger babes!

Islepreneur, myself and Grenada Soul Adventurer (all stared photos in this post are her own.)


Can you believe it? These aren't even all of us! After blogger Divya, whom I met when I did a shoot with Kered (lady with the cute white purse pictured above), took the bull by the horns and started a Facebook group I was surprised to find that not only are there many local bloggers but local blogger of numerous blogging genres.

Of course the only other logical thing to do was to meet. A venue was chosen and we met at The Edge Restaurant and Bar.

The scenery there is fantastic and the name is well suited. We found ourself in up close and personal company of the ocean. The waves were our live dinner serenade and the warmth of the sunset light kissed us all over as we laughed and celfied our way into acquaintance. 

It was a good time. I LOVED meeting this group of beautiful diverse women with different passions and different stories to tell. There is a pride about my countrymen I've talked about before and it was so heart warming to sit in a room full of bloggers who know that pride well and want to celebrate it through different genres of writing. 

I remember playing with the idea of a directory when Shell and I thought we were the only you can check out islepreneur IN DEPTH post about Spice Island blogs, what they are and where you can find them. I am so thrilled to see this day! You can find out from the growing directory within the spice island blogger facebook page.  Like I said in a previous post being a writer can feel like a very isolated life but as Islepreneur put it on the day of our meet up "if you never ask a question you'll never know'  Now we know we are not alone both literally and in terms of our passion. I compiled a quick tiny directory of all the bloggers present at our first meet up here, if you want more info on all the known spice bloggers check it out or the directory via the facebook group.

When was the last time you were happy to find you were not alone in your love of a thing?

Peace. Love. Community.


  1. Beautifully written post! Loved it Liz and also I would have never pegged you for shy. You SHINE ❤

  2. Thank you Divya!! <3 <3 <3

  3. Hey Liz I was not there at the 1st meetup but I will surely be there at the 2nd one. Beautiful post.


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