Saturday, 15 October 2016

Yes Please by Amy Poehler Mini Book Review

Morning lovelies, so I finally read Yes Please and I wanted to write about it some. 

Took me two days, I did it as a bit of stress relief when preparing to tackle my sociolinguistics final. Usually I do literary reviews because, well, I like them. For this one though, I feel like doing a mini review.

Mini Review: When I first started 'Yes Please' I had no idea who Amy was nor have I seen her in anything on tv. I admit her style of comedy isn't really my slice but as the book went on I really got a sense of her. Honestly, I felt like she was trying way too hard to be funny in the earlier chapters but I get why, I mean it is her profession after all. She really turned out to have a lot of wisdom though.

Amy Pauler uses flashbacks and episodic instalments of life experience to shape the purpose of her book. When she first begins we simply get a look at her as a person chasing a big dream but as she go on the audience stops being a listener or audience and for or a partner present in the moments she is sharing about. The author resets each scene fore you so that you almost feel like you were standing next to her in these moments she talks about like looking at the stars or when her doctor dies.

The language of her book changes coming to the second half from introspective to dreamy and then back again. Personally, I really liked the dreamer sections where she is just a person pouring her heart out about how she feels about things and less about how you should feel.

I guess i'm bias, i don't usually like books that suggest i should feel this way or that about a thing, at least not out right, let me decide but this does a lot of that and with what is very much like a moral of adult life coming to the end of each chapter.

It's an interesting perspective on an ordinary life made extraordinary with will, perseverance and a refusal to settle for  a notions of exception due to things that can be changed such as location and occupation.

In this book the author dares to ask boldly and with reckless abandon why not in the face of can not every time. When life presents her with the tiniest possibility of a shimmer of greatness she raises her hand and steadily adheres Yes, please.

It's wonderful to read what happens on her bath as a result of this.

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