Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Musing :: DIY - Rainbow Popsicle

So! is been a little while hasn't it?
Now i am back having finished my semester and the DIY project that has been seriously trying my patience! I did it though!

Of course, much like most other things in life...not without challenges...
I do not have popsicle molds so here is the cup i used. It's actually very small despite the angle of the photo..I have popsicles sticks, bought in the states YEARS ago for like 99cents or something.

This one i did with one of my favorite drinks in the world; freshly squeezed lime juice!

I like mine a bit on the tangy/acidic side :D

So i did it the old fashioned way:
One layer of juice mixed with the food colouring of my choice.
I used two glasses, one so i knew just how much liquid i was useing and the short one to measure out the liquid as evenly into layers as i could get it free hand...

I tried to go for rainbow on my first popsicle but as you can see i failed, i'll explain that.
Pure and simple i got tired of putting in one layer of coloured juice at a time, waiting three hours, putting in the next mixture and waiting again. So i tried to cheat and throw in the next coloured mixture when the juice seemed semi hard....ya...that didn't work.
As you can see the red is hardly noticeable and my blue and green melded into one big not so pretty glob of green...

So i decided to try again...
My mom had just made some banana smoothies (they're delish I'll find out the recipe later) i love them because you don't need perfect bananas for the shakes, they help you to not be wasteful and taste great!

When i saw it i loved that beautiful white creamy colour (this is a bad last minute shot when it was almost all gone, the lighting is bad so the colour isn't rightly represented sorry :( ) because if you're an artist at all you know that white brings beautiful vibrancy to colour. 
Great base liquid for popsicles...well...banana creamsicles now i guess?
Either way the process is the same with whatever liquid you use but i have found you get better results with liquid that is a bit thick :)

I used this cup this time as i was afraid of getting the popsicle out of the cup and since this cup is made of paper i knew i could cut it if i needed to. 
Luckily i didn't need to.

Layer by layer i went again, once every three hours, though honestly i was just being causious this time.
i realized on inserting one of the colours, when i got anxious again and put it in two hours later than the last colour, it was fine since the liquid is thicker thus has a greater density (Yay physics? No? ok..)
The cup i used is much bigger on this go round so therefore so is the popsicle but it was a first try and just for me. Of course the size of your popsicle will be equivalent to the size of your container :)

All in all? TA DA!

When i have it to my connivance I'll use fruit juice alone. 
Such colours like watermelon, grape, orange juice should work fine, with lots more patients ;)
Any ideas what fruit juice colours might work?
Enjoy your summer! 

Peace. Love. Rainbows Patience!

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