Friday, 28 August 2009

Musing :: Nails : Water Melon Nails in Quiris Green Apple

Needless to say my summer hasn't been the average full of beaches and outings. I've been a writer most of the time I've been home, relishing the time i get to have with the written word...still, gotta do something out of character and fun sometime, at least to save face to the peers! lol

I love reading the blog Kind Over Matter and this week they had something I've been inspired to try. Usually i leave these things in the nice little blog post i see them in and don't bother to try them what with my crap eye sight and all.

It all seemed to go together so well though!

You see I'd previously picked up two extravagantly bright nail polish colours, back when i was 16, that my mother urged me not to buy on our trip to the US, cause I'd never use them ....that I've never used...Now you must understand, i am not a person who likes change per se, i like to be comfortable and when i find a comfortable way of doing things i tend to stick to it, not to mention like I've said i suspect I'm a bit OCD and when things are not symmetrical, even in their pattern it drives me up a wall...

SO, bright? Not something I'm comfortable with but THIS week, i talked myself into putting a bright colour on my toes, my argument was that it would almost never be within my line of vision so i wouldn't necessarily have to SEE it... and boom! I put it on and I'm like, 'psh! i was worried for nothing, this isn't bright AT ALL (the colour goes on pretty dull) then i left the house and BAM neon color BURSTS forth!


Sorry she's not the sexiest foot on the block but she's got a good heart dammit. Needless to say, i was shocked!

But intrigued....

A friend of mine had previously tried the watermelon look weeks before and i saw it and thought 'Waw i kindda want one...!'

So when Kind Over Matter had this post i decided.

'Why not?"

So here are the results of my little mini adventure :P

As shown i used two of those thin brush design polishes in black and in white and Qurious brand in '325 - Pink In Love' on my toes and the '545 - Green Apple' on my nails. Don't ask what pink i used for the meaty water melon bits cause i have no idea, it's just one of those colours we accumulated over the years that just seemed to be perfect for what i wanted to do :)

I must say i LOVE the Quirus Nail Polish Brand and if they hadn't closed their online store I'd be crazy and get more of their awesome crazy colours and be artsy, it's only $3.00USD bucks a pop! :D

Finished first finger! But the procedure was long and tedious and... meh i got bored and thus proceeded to mess up the rest of them... but hey! It was kindda fun ish! lol

Blurry shot but, what ya gonna do?

Here's a pic of the one done by mentioned friend NeckoCandy

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

Most people seem to do there water melon nail look vice versa to the way i did mine and more how  NekoCandy did hers, with the straight white line but i find that when the line is curved it gives the water melon look a better pop as seen here: the best watermelon nails I've ever seen!

Oh and DO check out Kind Over Matter! It's a great and inspiring blog that has great material and posts, I'm an avid follower and i must say i will definitely have to try some of the awesome other designs they have up :)

There's quite a few i wanna try. Was discussing this with Eli and she came up with the idea of using the end of a shoe lace to get the perfect symmetrical circles for the strawberries, since i don't have one of those fancy nail art blotcher thing-a-ma-jigz. So, look out for that! :)

So all in all there you have it! My lovely fun summerie look :D!

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