Thursday, 20 March 2014

TiLT - Overalls a.k.a Jumpers

Don't ask me why we call overalls jumpers here, i figure because you can just kind of jump into them and be good for the day. ;) I am glad the trend came back becase i loved wearing them when i was younger. For some reason wearing them just made me feel like a productive artist! Like i could go paint murals and wipe my paint filled hands all over my denim overalls and not care because even that was a testiment to my creativity. Of course the kinds that are debuting these days you would not want to get paint on but instead would like to peer with some heels

I dont yet own a peer as i am parcial to the suspendered, high waist, flair legged type (some specific tastes there i know) I find that the ones i seek are more previlant on the asian market. Asians sure know how to rock it too! A close second favorite are dress overalls. Here are a few of my favorites surfing round the interweb. Overalls done differently, in a unique, fun and artistic way.


I think these looks are a fun and inovative way to wear the returning trend that lets you stay playful yet grown. What do you think of these looks? 

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  1. OMG, yes! These overalls are so unique and cute. I'm still loving my basic pair from Target though :)


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